About Us

About us
Samle.no is the online store of Gledeshuset,  a 20-year-old store in Tønsberg, which have been trading in games, magazines, books, collectibles and everything that has to do with everyday entertainment since the early 90's.  The store is a family business and is a gathering point in Tønsberg for both young and grown players and collectors. We have a separate game room that can be borrowed free for both board games, strategy games, card games and more, for example. Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering.

Retro games
Gledeshuset has been trading in games for a long time. We were probably Norway's very first physical Retro-game store and have the expertise to help people with all aspects of these items.  We have a formidable selection of machines and games for these and will always do our best to help customers find exactly the item they are looking for at the best price.  We also have partners across Europe and other parts of the world that enable us to procure goods many do not easily get.

Magic: The Gathering
The store is one of the few official Wizards Of The Coast Advanced Store in Norway, organizing weekly tournaments in Magic: The Gathering, as well as all major tournaments such as Pre-Release, Launch and Game-day. We also carry one of the country's largest selection in unopened boosters, and have a good selection of single cards and equipment in the store.

Magazines / books
We carry used comics and books, both reading and collectibles. In addition, we have a good selection of Manga and American Graphic Novels both in paperback and bound.  You will find a good selection of genres with us. We have everything from crime, fantasy, science fiction and soap .. Come in for exchange or purchase.